The Great Gaias: Monthly Status Update


This past month we've progressed by leaps and bounds! The players’ ship and airship, are now both fully functional! You can enter either one at any time while driving, and speak with any of your eighteen party members, as well as fast travel if you converse with the helmsman. What's more, we finished creating even more playable characters, and the sidequests to obtain those playable characters. This aspect of development is almost complete, as we only have one more playable character and its respective sidequest to implement. Last but not least, our website is back up and running. It’s currently fully functional but the design is still under construction and we will be adding much more content to it in the coming months. The Great Gaias Demo is available NOW, and can be found on the website so be sure to download it, and check it out! We would love to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Map of Amanor


Birth place of Atrius and Elaenia Althorand, this southern territory has closed its borders to the outside kingdoms. After Ramse Bavador seized the Stone Throne of Amanor during the Amanian Rebellion, he has twisted the minds of its people, and now rules absolutely as their so-called 'savior'. Living in voluntary isolation after the coup that deposed the Faelyn royal family, the citizens of Amanor have succumb to the will of a crazed tyrant bent on not only ruling the country, but the entire human civilization.